Deep Cleaning


Soap scum, black dots, dirt and grime build up over time. If not cleaned properly on a regular basis, this grime will get deep into the pores of the surface in your bathtub and is extremely difficult to get out. A lite ACID Wash  can bring back the life and luster to that old tub. It chemically loosens the dirt and grime to allow us to easily lift it off the surface without affecting the finish. This amazing process takes about 45 minutes and is ready for use immeditately. If we cannot get the black dots, soap scum, mold, and mildew stains out, we will not charge you for the service. A Lite ACID Wash is not a coating but a cleaning process that far exceeds what housekeeping is capable of.

A Lite ACID Wash for a standard tub is $125 and Garden tubs are $195.